Knives and Slitting Systems - Simplex Converting Ltd.
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Knives and Slitting Systems

Knives and Slitting Systems by Mario Cotta – Zincometal

Knives and Knife holders for all applications

We offer a comprehensive range of top and bottom slitting knife blades made by Mario Cotta – Zincometal for a large range of production machines eg Atlas, Bielomatic, Bobst, Cameron, Dusenbery, Jagenberg, Masson Scott, Pasaban, Perini and Strachan Henshaw, Titan. Our knives and knife holders are interchangeable with leading brands such as Dienes and Tidland.

4 Mario Cotta knives with holder on white background

Flat Knives

Ø Ext: min 90 – max 220 mm
Ø Int: min 60 – max 80 mm

Available Bevels: Single /Double / Double with Inside Recess

Available Steels: 100 Cr6 / K100 / HSS / ASP 2023 – 2053

Dishes Knives

Ø Ext: min 90 – max 220 mm
Ø Int: min 60 – max 80 mm

Available Bevels: Single /Double / Hollow ground

Available Steels: 100 Cr6 / K100 / HSS

Score Cut Knives

Ø Ext: min 76,2 mm – max 180 mm
Ø Int: min 19 mm – max 70 mm

Material: 100 Cr6 / K100

Cutting edge radius: 30º, 45º or 60º

Bottom Knives

Ø Ext: min 60 mm – max 180 mm
Ø Int: min 40 mm – max 150 mm

Materials: 100 Cr6

Systems: F.L.C. “free lock” /S.L.C. “self locking” / M.L. “multi lock”

Expando Bottom Knives

Ø Ext: min 110 mm – max 360 mm
Ø Int: min 85 mm – max 300 mm

Materials: HSS ring

Bottom Knives for independent motorized system

Ø Ext: max 280 mm
Ø Int: max 188 mm

Materials: K 720 / Tungsten Carbide

Our best seller is the LISA Score Cut Knife holder as it is the most versatile holder on the market, simple to use and with a quick set-up. It has a quick-change feature for worn blades.


Technical details:

  • Minimum cutting 12.7mm (15.7mm reinforced)
  • Removable cartridge
  • Vertical stroke 16mm
  • Integrated bracket

Different models for different applications:

  • Lisa Standard
  • Lisa with Reinforced Body for higher stability
  • Lisa with Micro adjustment for half cut
  • Lisa Razor Cut
  • Lisa Premium for linear rails

Slitting systems

Mario Cotta – Zincometal makes the toughest and easiest to use knife holders for paper, tissue, non-woven, plastic film, aluminium and rubber. Here the models available:  Platinum, Gold, Silver, PPL/PPLV, PPMS, PPMS Hot, PPMSP, PPS, PPS s.2, PPJ, Lisa, Lisa Hot and Rocky.