Digital measuring - Simplex Converting Ltd.
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Digital measuring

Digital measuring systems by Accurate Technology Inc.


Accurate Technology Inc. is famous for their ProScale Digital Measuring Systems, available in several in several sizes, profiles and  measuring ranges up to 24 ft. (7.3m).


ProScale Digital Readouts operate on batteries or 12-24 VDC and are available with RS232, RS485 and Digimatic® outputs.  Wireless data transmission, linear and non-linear interpolation, temperature compensation, Go/No-Go, Upper/Lower Limits, ABS/INC and Drift Alert output are a few of the functions available on select Readouts.


ProScale Data Acquisition System products include several wireless data solutions, multiplexers, and D/A converters.


Accurate Technology designs and manufactures standard and custom designed turn key systems for Dimensional Quality Control. Hand held, bench top, free standing, 1 or 2 axis measuring systems are available to measure up to 20 ft.

Some of the digital measuring products we offer:


The Model 190 is an Incremental Series II technology system. Two standard sizes for up to 10 and 18 inches. Custom sizes up to 24 inches. Six Digital Readout models to choose from.

ProRF Encoder

When an Encoder to DRO cable length is greater than 20 feet, or when the Readout needs to be placed in a remote location, the Wireless Encoder system can be used to “replace the cable”.

ProTable XY

A one or two-axis measuring system designed for panel or sheet type products from .012 -.250 inch, (3- 30 gauge) thick. Custom configurations available for specific measuring needs.